Ditching the Phrase “Struggling Student”

I hear this phrase a lot. Many language teachers lament about staying after school to help a “struggling student,” that a student is “struggling” with grammar point X, or that they have a group of “struggling students” in their second year, Spanish 2 class, etc.. When it comes to language acquisition, however, there’s no struggling…… Continue reading Ditching the Phrase “Struggling Student”

Your Program: Basing it on Acquiring Latin (2 of 3)

My last post followed this logic: ALL humans can acquire a second language. Few humans learn about languages. Programs based on learning about Latin are exclusive. Programs based on acquiring Latin are inclusive. This post addresses how to base a program on acquiring Latin. I’ll begin with an important systematic change that otherwise keeps Latin programs exclusive: **Stop grading…… Continue reading Your Program: Basing it on Acquiring Latin (2 of 3)